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BitTorrent statistics

Wikipedia says that between 18% to 35% of all traffic on the internet is BitTorrent traffic.

I find that rather interesting.

Living here in Pakistan, I find it rather hard to believe that, where just about every regular internet user I talk to does not even know about torrent. But then, maybe worldwide? Besides, I think that the size of the files and things shared also matters…

I also think that the most popular torrent clients are Azureus and utorrent. I wonder how utorrent features so many things in such a tiny size?

  1. The Dude
    25 June 2009 at 6:35 AM

    Well that would make sense I use it all the time, as for the most popular clients I have used BitTorrent the entire time as it was the first torrent client and is by far the best and most customizable torrent client. As for size, according to IsoHunt the total amount of data being shared is 1.7 PB(PetaBytes) thats 1740.8 TB(TeraBytes) or 1,781,760 GB(GigaBytes). I’d say that makes up for a lot of traffic.

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