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More on Cuil, the (not so) Google killer

Since my first post on Cuil, I do believe it is more or less certain now. Cuil bites the dust!

Well, perhaps not exactly dead. But it seems that the surge it experienced on its first few days has worn off – for the pure and simple reason that it cannot match Google in relevancy, search for search. At least yet. The traffic graph at Alexa shows the downslide.

For all its index of 121,617,892,992 web pages, it cannot put up relevant results for my searches. Looking for news? Google is better. Looking of particular physics? Still Google. For that matter, it does not even index my site superphysics.netfirms.com, which is otherwise peppered across Google and Yahoo!

Is that subjective? Yes. But put together a lot of subjective opinions, and you have a point where the boat is empty.

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