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Why Linux has not taken over the Windows desktop yet

To begin with, I am sorry I had to begin in such a manner of title. There is no real competition between Linux and Microsoft Windows. Two different operating system, with different priorities and ideologies.

But most people do consider them to be at loggerheads. They are not so, but in some limited regards, such as when it comes to desktop domain, they do tend to stub each other toes.

So why has Linux not taken over Microsoft Windows? Many have talked about how ready Linux is for the Desktop, including myself, and there have been counter replies. The question is: this has been said before, but why has it not already happened?

1. Linux does not advertise like Microsoft does. That is rather obvious: most people do not even know about the positive attributes of Linux. And given its very nature, I do not think Linux can really advertise the way Microsoft does – only the big Linux companies that sell commercially can do such a thing with any measure of success (and profit)

2. Linux was slower into this market: Linux was never originally meant for desktops. Window simply took over the market – and has held it.

3. Linux GUIs have been very late in the coming.

4. As compared to Windows, very little software is made for Linux. That is very definitely the Windows trump.

5. Linux maintains the image of a ‘geek’ OS

6. The commandline is still an integral part of most Linux distros, and will continue to scare off those coming from the Windows world

7. People do not like changing of philosophies. The Windows “thing” is still “it”. This is a rather lame reason, but is an oft quoted one.

8. Very few computers come pre-installed with Linux.

That said, some distros are coming up fast. OpenSUSE, Ubuntu and Mandriva are breaking ground.

Let us see how long it takes for Linux to come up and capture Windows terrain.

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