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About my Vista failure – and SUSE 11 download

The troubles of Vista…

Like I posted a few days back, I had a massive Vista problem. Maybe I should elaborate.

My Vista seemed to be working perfectly, when I suddenly noted that the TCP/IP “properties” buton in my Network Connection properties was grayed out. I also noted then that my Wireless (Atheros) had stopped working.

I traced it back to – guess what – a Windows update! Apparently, it seemed to be some problem with the installation of drivers. I tried re-installing the drivers, and now I got a non-functioning ethernet for my troubles.

Googled, and came blank. There was no reason why it should have happened really: I have a habit of being very careful and keeping my laptop in tip top condition (hard and soft). But it happened.

End result? A full re-installation of Vista – clean. It took me a full day to restore everything to normal. Waste.

Why Vista in the first place?

I am a realist. The unfortunate reality is that Windows permeates the desktop so completely that there is much software I need that just cannot run anywhere else without virtualization (no, not even on Crossover). My habit is to keep dual boot, stay in Linux (currently Ubuntu 8.04.1), and reboot to Windows when needed.

And the downloading of SUSE 11…

Another fact in Pakistan is that internet speeds are low. Think 10KB/s. I had been downloading SUSE 11 to test, and when Vista went, so did the partial download (via IDM). I should have been doing that in Linux, but that was my mistake.

Nevertheless, I am back in the run: the download is going.

But Vista could not even bear to have Linux downloaded on it…

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