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Google Chrome web browser – how good can it be?

It seems that Google will be releasing a brand new browser into the market – Chrome. We are still 8 hours from its beta release, as of the time of the writing of this post.

Named for the frame on its GUI, should we be expecting much?

To begin with, its is more of a stripped down browser than anything else, it seems, with a focus on some special aspects of security, stability and compatibility. Built on a backend from Mozilla and Apple’s WebKit systems, we can expect a good browser

But how good really? Some of the unique features include an ability to shutoff rogue pages, some hyperthreading and multithreading (making it fast), using the minimum privileges system to keep out malware and an added script execution speed.

A lack of the now-already-famous Firefox feature, the URL bar (a.k.a. the “Magic Bar”) will be big downstep though. Its present Omnibar is based on the Opera design: only manually entered URLs are remembered. Also from Opera is the Speed Dial kind of thing.

I think it is meant to be another attempt to encroach Microsoft’s IE territory, while making sure they do not encroach on Google’s search territory. And Google’s capability to hype and deliver (thus achieving a massive market push) should only make things interesting.

But how good it really is, is something that we must just wait for and see.

Screenshot at WikiNews

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