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Opinions on Technorati

Technorati, the well known blog search and index engine. After working with it for 3 months, I have now formed very solid opinions about it.

Make no mistake, I tried to give them time, to understand. But in the end, facts are facts. And judging by the nearly continuous posts in the support forum, I am not alone.

So what is wrong for me? In a word: everything. A site that claims to do as Technorati does, must index posts in a blog fast, almost immediately after pings. They must respond to manual pings. They must make sure all ranking and rating features are working. And for me, not even one of those points is working. I have not been pinged for the last 9 days (as of today), have zero (0, zilch, nil, none) authority and I believe that nothing else is correct either.

And it is not as if my blog is very hard to access. It is standard WordPress blog, with standard features. Just think about how many other blogs are in the same contagion as I am. I use other directory and blog listing services that take the feed from my blog perfectly.

Truth be told, I am tired of Technorati. Google gets to my pages faster than Technorati does, and that is saying something.

I think I must ditch Technorati. Or at least, until they can sort out the mess completely.

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