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The Ways of Google (and Microsoft too)

Google. In a short era, Google has become very easily one of the most recognizable names in the internet and computer world, and almost equally so in the business world. Forget Yahoo!, Microsoft, Apple and IBM, no name is so well integrated into our networked world as Google. Googling and Googlizing has become a more than a name: it has now become a word of the dictionary.

No company has ever reached so far to the IT world and the computer users of the world, with the exception of Microsoft. And Google has done this without becoming even nearly as controversial and monopolistic.

No, this is not a statistical essay. This is an opinionatory post, and an opinion formed from years of experience of the computer sphere. It is a view formed from reading and devouring the flow of currents along the world grid.

And so, the ways of Google. They are unifying the net: of that, there is no doubt. Mail, browsing, interface, tools and now, even the browser, have been melded by Google into a portal of utility. They are not forcing themselves onto people. People go to big brother Google because they need to, want to, and feel like it.

They are not the only choice, but they are the best one. I do not think there would be search without Google, email without Gmail, site statistics without Analytics, advertising without AdSense and AdWords, etcetera. They stay at the top because they stay the best. Anyone who disagrees is welcome to search around. For best results, use Google.

Microsoft, of course, have a different way. They squeeze the life out of competitors. At least, they try to, but some just do not bow. Yahoo! is what I am talking about, but that is another story.

There is no doubt that Microsoft’s method is also very effective, if not the most ethical or controversy free. Along the way, they pick up a few really good ideas, buy them off, and stamp their brand on it. See the power of cash? Not that they were always that way, but since Bill Gates became disinterested in ruling his company, well, lets just say that Steve Ballmer is not exactly the most innovative of people.

But why am I picking on Microsoft? Indeed, why am I even putting them so comparatively with Google? One, a software giant; the other an internet juggernaut? Actually, they much in common. They are both related to the computer world, both tyr to have a good online presence, both are massive companies, both are giants in their own domain, the list goes on. But the real factor is that with the web becoming what it is, software like office suites may really go online (not little things like Google Docs), and search might really come to the desktop. Even the OS might become a network phenomenon. Given that both companies still exists by then (whenever then is), they will be stubbing each other’s toes. Big time.

In fact, the launch of Google Chrome goaded me into this. Look at it. Neat, sleek, shiny, fast. Rapidly developed, features pipelined. And it is not even out of beta yet. Compare to IE. If a browser were a showcase of methodologies, Microsoft needs to shape up.

More on the ways of Google. Most of their services are free. They support open source. They help friendly projects – which are also generally free. They deal in simplicity, speed and power. No bloating + High Innovation = Great Things. And that is what I like.

And on the ways of Microsoft? I am sure I do not want software like Windows Vista, and presence like MSN to be the future.

In other words, I like Google. And the ways of Google. Do you? You should. If Google goes like this, they are here for keeps.

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