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Disk Defragmenters – the Best of the Best: OandO and JkDefrag

For years, I had (and have) been trying to find a solution to that eternal problem on Windows PCs – file fragmentation. In that quest, I have read hundreds of reviews, tried just about every single defragmentation software that exists. Finally, I have made up my mind as to the best defragmentation softwares.

What was I looking for? In a nutshell, a solution to the fragmentation problem. I wanted something simple, something powerful, something elegant. I wanted control, speed, and effectiveness.

I tested the bigwigs, like Diskeeper and PerfectDisk, and the obscure, like Paragon and Ashampoo. And I put them to test on my work computer on which files move around daily, in the Gigabytes.

And I finally came to the single conclusion: if you want superb power and control, with unbridled speed, Diskeeper and PerfectDisk come up short. In the heavyweight arena, there is just no match for O&O Defrag. More than anything else, it was the sorting algorithms of O&O that appealed to me. It’s one thing to just defragment, how you do it is another. Sort by file modification time? That was just too good for me.

I would be hard put to say why I chose O&O over the other commercial products. Cheaper? Perhaps, but it really does not figure on my list. Faster? Maybe, but as my defragmentation runs overnight, and as long it is done by morning, I do not care. Boot time defragmentation of the MFT? All of them offer it. What really puts O&O apart is the overall utility. The way things are organized. The optimization. The background defragmentation that really works (unlike Diskeeper). The feedback. And the actually noticeable speed kick after the defragmentation pass.

And what are the hard numbers that prove all this? Well, I could find the access speeds (before and after), the system boot time (in seconds), the file seek time (in ms) etc. But frankly, all these are just a woolen cover for the actual experience. What happens for me may not be exactly the same for you. But in my experience, O&O is that one notch above the others. It is not much of a problem to test really. All these softwares have trial versions. Download and test!

But they say that the best things come in small packages. How about a tiny 467kb program (including the documentation, by the way) that needs no installation, and runs simply at the double click? That can be run via commandline with some options? That can be set as the screensaver? Where the simplicity is so amazing, yet completely deceptive of efficiency? And best of all, free under the GPL?

Well, JkDefrag (Jeroen Kessels) is exactly such a program. From the power perspective, it surprises. Short of moving the “unmovables” (like the MFT), it defragments everything. You double click, leave overnight, and wake up to find a beautifully defragmented disk. You can specify options, but frankly, who needs them, when the defaults are that good? It features all the points I mentioned in the last paragraph.


Truth be told, my favourite defragmentation utility is now JkDefrag. I owe JK one. In short, it is the best defragmenter out there.

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