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Gaming graphics are gaining in reality, but where does it all end?

I just felt like losing a little steam from a very hectic day at my university… so I started roaming around GameSpot. What I found out is that Crysis Warhead is out, and it rocks.

Anyhow, that’s not the point. The point is that gaming graphics are getting rather advanced now. Using lesser and lesser power, more efficient algorithms, (and the raw power of today’s CPUs – less in only relative), graphics have become intensive, realistic and beautiful. Fast, the fluidity of games is reaching the level of advancement of some of the good animated movies like Shrek, Ratatouille, Madagascar, and in a much more realistic and controllable environment.

This made me get thinking… Where is it all heading? Will we end with at point that games will be controllable movies? So real that it could well be window into a real world, albeit one which you control? Already, the realism is disturbing in some of the more raw genres like shooters and action adventure. What if these graphics technology advancements actually make e-gaming look like ‘playing’ movies of the “Die Hard”, “Titanic”, or “American Gangster” type? What psychological effects may that have? Would it be enjoyable? Would it even be draining?

I sometimes play games too. I enjoy them. But rational thinking tells me that if things go as far as that, we are going to need another Freud.

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