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Ubuntu 8.10 just around the corner

Ubuntu 8.10 is just two days away now. And early RC reviews and previews are pouring in.

I have not tested it myself, but I will just give an overview of what the reviewers are saying around the internet, in bullet points:

  • Latest version of Gnome adds excellent new features, the top favourites being the tabbed Nautilus file manager and the mobile PC improvements.
  • The introduction of Hotplugging support for devices in the latest X.Org 7.4 is really liked, though expected.
  • The latest Linux Kernel – but there will be no significant change to what end users see (unless they are very careful to notice)
  • The guest session mode, which allows sharing of the PC with very limited access is liked nearly unanimously.
  • Network Manager 0.7 boasts new features, but some call it buggy.
  • Improved network support for Windows Networks via Samba – the corporate consumers should love this.
  • A new theme is also available (though disabled by default). Is generating high ratings.
  • The default cosmetic look is being described as drab

And that is mainly all.

The rest is very general. Hoping to see a great release!

Update: Released. My review is posted here.

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