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Technology: a stronghold of Consumerism

For those who are not sure about consumerism, I quote the Wikipedia definition: “Consumerism is the equation of personal happiness with the purchase of material possessions and consumption.”

Recently, while looking at the stats for my blog, I was struck by a very unexpected trend. I noted that those of my articles, which focus on companies, or which at least seem to have buying tips (like my last article) registered spikes in the number of hits from web searches, and feed viewers, as well as syndication services like Blogburst. The only exception to this rule were perhaps the Linux reviews I posted, those too are discounted from this trend breakage because they were featured on the honourable DistroWatch.com.

This is disturbing: it seems that most tech searches lie in the consumerist domain. People are not interested in the tech, but what they can buy from it.

I would love if my readers commented on this.

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