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Google's spread into competitors' domain

It seems just like everyday that Google is bringing up new products and ideas. And more often than not, we hear that it has to do with something that the other Tech Giants of the world are already kings in. That means Microsoft, Apple, Intel, etc.

Google is spreading beyond search, that is obvious. The question of ‘why’ has the very simple answer: diversification. All companies of repute try to diversify the range of items, products and ideas they vend, so that in case any one sector is hit by some calamity, the overall picture remains bright.

And Google has plenty of cash to to do this. Their search advertising still generates the lion’s share of their income (and is still their only major focus), and they are looking for avenues to supplement it, or spread into other areas not related to search. The problem is when Google steps on other toes when doing that.

Almost all Google online products hit Microsoft MSN. Android is a possible hit to the Apple iPhone in coming times.

But Microsoft’s online operations remain hardest hit. Google Search, Google Docs, cloud computing, browsers and nearly everything else they offer is a (better) rival to something Microsoft offers.

What interests me most is: where is this going to go?

An expanded Google Docs may conceivably challenge Microsoft’s major Office Suite. And Google’s foray into cloud computing in recent times could infringe on the kingdom presently reserved for Microsoft’s flagship Windows Operating System.

How will Microsoft, without the genius of Bill Gates at the helm, compete in the near future? Or will they be trampled in by the ever innovating Google? I predict the outcome of this battle in ten year’s time. Let’s see.

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