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Testing the less known Linuxes

It has been a while since I wrote. During this time, I was deciding one thing: should I, or should I not, test one of the lesser known Linux distros.

I have, over the years, tested and used many Linux distros, but they have always had one thing in common: they have been major, mainline distros, backed by relatively large, powerful companies.

Yesterday, I just wanted to test a brand new Linux: something out of the ordinary. A Distro that does not try to clone the functionality and paradigms of Windows, but something different.

And thus, I moved to the internet to search. And I came up with two names:

  1. gOS 3.0 Gadgets
  2. OpenGEU

While neither are very unknown, they are still underdogs in a world dominated by Novell, Canonical, Mandriva, and Red Hat.

So I have begun downloading gOS 3.0, lets see where that takes us.

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