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The Next Step for Google

Google is already making what can best be called a dinlinearization of services – offering them in ‘cloud’ format (you access them over the internet). Google Docs, Reader, Desktop Search with Gadgets and most recently, Chrome (meant to utilize a larger slice of the internet audience).

What I wonder is this: what is Google next big jump? Could it possibly be a completely new OS, one based around Google services?

In fact, Google may not even have to look that far to start thinking about one: there’s the gOS. As I noted in my last post, is is one the Linux OSes that with a less than conventional approach to doing things, in fact, it is an OS with a very strong web-centric focus. And given that the OS itself is sub-named ‘Gadgets’, with the Gadgets in question being Google Gadgets. It calls itself the ‘cloud’ OS: exactly what Google may want for itself.

Then it takes no long stretch of imagination to see Google simply jaunting in and buying it off for a song, and passing it on in a manner of publicity only Google can manage.

Hmmm… A Google OS? That should be very interesting indeed.

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