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A World Beyond

Imagine a journey into the depths of knowledge,
Into the tiniest throes of reality;
See the worlds spin around,
Feel the forces that are beyond mentality.

Enter a grand new dimension,
Where time and space merge;
Watch instances of grandeur
And the great energies surge.

This is an immense creation of God,
Yet He has put in uncertainties abound;
There are vibrations, hummings and explosions,
But not the smallest shake of sound.

Here you ride the waves of light,
Or see it, bit by bit;
Here you navigate oceans of darkness,
Or face disintegrations, if you see fit.

Tiny entities exert powers beyond,
Power great and humongous;
In this existence of miracles,
Miniature oft wins colossus.

Logic rules these lands,
Though chaos, too, exists;
There are no frontiers here,
Just mystery shrouding mists.

All that was not a wondrous dream,
Or some ridiculous encrypted code;
In sweet words, it was the glorious realm of Physics,
Where the greatest minds abode.

– Muhammad Fahd Waseem

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