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Software to make a video DVD from video files

In the last few days, I had a very powerful internet connection. I managed to download quite a few good movies. But now, I wanted to burn them off to a video DVD to watch on my DVD player.

So began my quest to find the optimum combination of no-nonsense, free software that would allow me to do that with the minimum fuss.

And what I found surprised me: the best free combination is not only the best in the free domain, but short of large suites like the Roxio and Nero one, the following combination is also the best overall. You need:

Actually, if your video is in any common media container like AVI or WMV, you need not even get the first of the two.

DVD Flick is one of the simplest (and one of the best) software to prepare a video DVD for you. You install it, open it up, and add the media files. The interface is spartan – and there is very little for you to configure. There are four setting areas: the working folder, the project settings, the ‘title’ settings and the menu settings.

Each easy option has a little help icon in front of it: if you are a complete newcomer to the burning arena, they will help you out. For anyone even vaguely familiar with videos and burning, the whole thing is embarrassingly simple. Comes with an excellent documentation.

But there are a few file types (such as Matroska files) that DVD Flick cannot handle. For those, you must convert the video files into something it can. AVC and MediaCoder will both do it for you, but AVC is far simpler. MediaCoder is almost professional standard and lets you set each and every parameter of the output file, but is far harder to use.

Either ways, convert the odd file to AVI, and let DVD Flick handle the rest.

Just be sure to have LOTS of free space on the hard disk you use: DVD Flick and the two conversion softwares really like to use the disk space while they work.

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