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The technology of destruction…

Given that technology has helped us a lot, but likewise, the biggest dangers to human existence also come from technology: CO2 and smoke belching machinery, consequent global warming, over farming with powerful technology, and of course, the ever present threat of nuclear weapons.

Did you know that one fusion bomb, like the ones USA and Russia have, has a yield equivalent to about 50 of the atomic bombs that flattened Hiroshima and Nagasaki? What if one of these was actually detonated?

Food for thought.

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  1. Maraoo gikian
    27 June 2009 at 12:58 AM

    Yeah you are allright! I also had tested nuclear fusion experiment myself in the mountains of giki one day earlyy in the morning when birds were chirping,crows weere flying, cows were moving in the streets, when the dogs were shining, the stars were barking, and the moon was rising from the east while the new sun was setting in the north. most of the boys were sleeping including a thing called superphysics… i went alone to the top of the mountains, and started digging a tunnel. then i started shouting to people to wake them up so that they can run away to each others’ houses, but no one awaken ups.. so i had to do it, believe me, i had to do it. alone. im sharing this secret with you and only you now coz u are the only one i can share secrets with 🙂 afterall, i like u. 🙂 im not so sheep, sorry, cheap as i look. indeed im a very loving boy. u hav to consider me. so, i was talking about my experiment… i advise u one thing when u do this experiment. atleast dont do this experiment when i am around. plz wake me up before u do this! the result of my experiment was the conclusion that the fusion bomb is in fact a stink bomb. boht buuu a rhi hayyy. me going… bye byeeeeeee

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