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Feedburner – Why it's REALLY useful

Normally, I would not have gone to it. My regular RSS feed from a default WordPress install was working perfectly fine. People were subscribing to it – I could tell from my Google Webmaster statistics.

What I could not do (for free) was to find a service that emailed my RSS updates to those who do not want to use RSS or simply cannot be bothered to.

Which took me to Feedburner. My other options – Zookoda and Feedblitz – were not useful: Zookoda has just gone under and Feedblitz is no longer free. Besides, Feedburner now has that Google tag attached to it – which I always opine to be a Very Good Thing.

My foray was smooth, and simple. I sign up for an account, add my RSS address to Feedburner and there I am: ready. What took me by surprise was the value Feedburner could add to my feed – all for free. Pinging services, any format support, browser friendly pages, publicity options, and what not. Of course, there was also that option I had been looking for: emailed posts. With a plugin installed into my WordPress blog, I could even redirect my old feeds to Feedburner, and Feedburner actually had support for it. Interesting to know that my readers would not even notice I had changed over.

Actually, it was more a combination of all these factors that has won me over. Anyone who is using feeds really needs to use Feedburner – you will find that there’s nothing so powerful out there for free.

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