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The Junk that is IE8

I have never been much of a fan of the Internet Explorer franchise. Why Microsoft is bent upon forcing IE through is beyond me – they should have simply given after IE6 was drubbed by Firefox 2.0 and onwards.

Nevertheless, we saw the miserable IE7 and now, we have IE8.

I was piqued by press hype, saying that IE8 was good, the new features were excellent, how it was very secure, etcetera etcetera. But I was not expecting much. I had tried the beta, and the beta had been a nightmare. Nothing had worked at all, ranging from the display of the pages, right down to the very interface display.

And now came the final release. I took a deep breath and installed.

Alas, the bad things began immediately. I needed to reboot for the installation to complete. I run three different servers for my university, and rebooting just to install a browser is hard for me to swallow (when did Firefox ever ask me to reboot?). After a lot of deliberating, I did.

Back came my old nightmares. Bad display. The interface looked as if it had been designed for a 640×480 resolution and had been zoomed to meet my 1680×1050 resolution. It was slow, too. It took ages for the Google homepage to load, though that was mainly due to the time it took for IE to properly initiate itself. Pages did load perceptibly faster after that first tank, but only if you call mangling a page ‘loading’. The worst part of the whole affair is that even the Microsoft website had a few rough edges here and there. Not exactly my cup of tea.

I rolled back to IE7. Not that I ever use IE anyway, but at least IE7 worked when it had to.

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