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WordPress Design and Hosting Tips

I do not claim to be an expert at the art of blogging. What I do know is that WordPress is most definitely the easiest and simplest – yet most manageable and configurable – blogging and content management system there is. I have built complete websites using WordPress and this blog itself is a simple WordPress installation on a free hosting service.

Recently, a website of rather interesting organics came to my notice. WPDesigner.com aggressively promotes itself as a site for free WordPress themes and web hosting.

Normally, I would take that with a pinch of salt – there are far too many sites that claim such things are actually nothing such.

This blog, however (because it is technically a blog) is different in that it does list and provide a fairly large list of WordPress themes (some free, some not). At other points, it also provides a large archive of tips and techniques for implementing and maintaining WordPress themes.

The home page lists a set of ranked web hosting services that are known to work well with WordPress. I did notice, however that the page is almost entirely dedicated to this post which comes after a long gap (the last posts being in March 2009). It will be worth checking if this ranking is updated, but for the time being, it is almost surely the best possible list there is.

Disclosure: This is a paid post. That said, the opinions are genuine and honest, and WPDesigner.com is worth a visit, at least in the spam and ad-free state it is right now.

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