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Windows 7 – Why I'll take Ubuntu 9.10 over it anyday

I’ve written about this before – a view on why both Windows 7 and Ubuntu 9.10 will co-exist. But the matter of fact is, I have a preference. I run Vista as my primary OS, yet I see no reason whatsoever to upgrade to Windows 7.

Much maligned as Vista was, two service packs down the lane and it has become reliable enough for my needs. But if one must really toss aside Windows Vista, Windows 7 is probably not the best way to go.

Exorbitantly expensive for all who need any less that full scale compatibility with specialist software suites such as Adobe Creative Suite or Microsoft Word 2007, Windows 7 is trumped by the upcoming Ubuntu 9.10 in four critical areas:

  1. Price. Face it – Ubuntu 9.10 is free. And Windows 7 costs a fair amount of money.
  2. Performance. I have tried the release candidates of both OSes and I can say with complete certainty that Ubuntu is far faster at all common tasks than Windows 7.
  3. Security. Frankly, the only real method you would get a virus into Ubuntu (due to it’s Linux heritage) is if you made a deliberate effort to do so using WINE.
  4. Hardware support. Windows 7 has indeed improved in many areas or hardware support – but one fact remains: Ubuntu supports far more hardware out of the box than Windows 7. This is not to say that Ubuntu will support all hardware, but most. I have an averagely dated machine for testing, and Ubuntu picks up all the hardware, while the Windows 7 test run missed the graphics.

Windows 7, of course, has it’s trump cards too:

  1. Software. Windows has a greater range of software than all other OSes combined. Reason: Windows has been the desktop OS of choice for aeons and a lot of work has been put into it.
  2. Pre-configured PCs. If you’re buying a new PC, chances are that Windows 7 will be bundled with it. With that comes a lot of guarantee, none of which comes with a Linux box.

Note that the two Windows advantages apply to new sets. If you’re already working, or familiar enough with computers to adapt to Linux alternatives to Windows software, Ubuntu 9.10 is the way to go.

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