International Projects

SAVIOUR (‘Semi Autonomous Vehicle for Inspection, Observation, and Ultimate Rescue’). As the name specifies, it is a robot used for reconnaissance in hazard hit terrain. This robot has competed in the RoboCup Internationals 2009 and RoboCup IranOpen 2010 with a fair degree of success.

We have a dedicated site at, visit that for more information.

Semi Course Projects

Developed an Organic Semi-Conductor Based Telemetry System with Dr. Khasan Karimov, PhD.

Course Projects

  1. Control Systems: Design of a Robust Control System for Magnetic Levitation of Ferromagnetic Spheres
  2. Electronics II: LabVIEW® Based DC Motor Position Control with Feedback and Manual Fallback
  3. Signals and Systems: FPGA Implementation of Line Coding using NRZ, Diff. NRZ & Manchester Algorithms
  4. Communication Theory: Optimum Noise Cancellation in 1D signals using Adaptive Filtering and Recursive Algorithms
  5. Electric Machines: Det. of Effects of Saturation on Asynchronous Machines – Torque and Speed (on MATLAB®)
  6. Microcontrollers: Modules for SAVIOUR (‘Semi Autonomous Vehicle for Inspection, Observation, and Ultimate Rescue’)
  7. Circuit Analysis: Touch Responsive Application Switching System (Applying for Patent)
  8. Comp. Architecture: Simple as Possible Computer(external clock driven, 5 operations, hardwired computer)
  9. Electronics I: Amplitude Shift Keying Wireless Transmitter for Split Circuits
  10. Logic and Design: Hazard-proof Solid State Temperature Regulator and Indicator
  11. Intensive Program. Lab: Personal Diary and Organizer with script support
  12. Tech. Report Writing: Determinable Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Students
  13. Engineering Economy: Feasibility of Purchasing a MEMS Testing Facility for the Faculty of Electronics, GIKI

Information Regarding Projects

Information regarding any of the project above can be sought at any one of the contact methods given on my Contact page.

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