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RockMelt – New Browser in the Making

The technology world never fails to surprise. The latest surprise comes from the ever more traction-gaining browser wars – the battle to make the most accepted web browser in the world.

The news, of course, is the creation of a new ‘mystery browser’ (as the blogosphere is labeling it) called RockMelt.

Almost nothing is known about it except for two very vital facts:

  1. The people involved in the making of this browser from ‘ground up’ are Tim Howe, Eric Vishria and Marc Andreessen. All of them were involved in the making of the once universal, but now dead, Netscape browser. Marc Andreessen, of course, the creator of Netscape.
    • The point to ponder would be: why is he willing to back a complete underdog and startup in this deadly game?
  2. The browser is supposed to be different from other browser. How different, we don’t know. But for one, it will be extremely integrated with the social network Facebook.
    • The RockMelt team is leaking nothing. What unique differences can RockMelt bring in, that will set it up over other existing browsers? Remember, one social browser (Flock) already exists.

Personally, I cannot see why a company would be willing to invest so much money (reportedly many millions of dollars) into a new browser. Browsers are free, and there is not much to be gained unless widespread adoption is reached. Chrome, Safari and Opera are already around, and have very little share.

I wonder what’s RockMelt’s top secret weapon?

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